DMARC p=reject: AOL follows in the footsteps of Yahoo!

Just a few days after Yahoo! AOL also announced to enforce a stronger DMARC policy.

The CheckDMARC result was a bit surprising for me:

$ ./checkdmarc aol
This script is going to make several thousand DNS request. Proceed at your own risk, iff you know what you are doing.
Type 'yes' to proceed, anything else to abort.
Running 6567 queries, this may take a while ...
connection timed out; no servers could be reached: 19
has no TXT record: 68
is an alias for: 93
p=none: 0
p=quarantine: 0
p=reject: 1
p=none details:
p=quarantine details:
p=reject details: descriptive text "v=DMARC1\; p=reject\; pct=100\;\;\;"

So AOL only seems to use a single domain for sending mail with their brand: That’s a completely different strategy compared to brands like GMX or Yahoo!. Consequently they activated p=reject on all their major domains (which actually is just, while Yahoo! still omits some selected domains from this strict DMARC handling. I checked yesterday: The results I measured a few days ago did not change so far.

In any way: The media and community outcry was quite silent this time. So now the path has been cleared for other large ESPs to enforce stronger DMARC policies.

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